About me
Photographer / Designer


Grew up in Tokyo, Japan.
I believe that great picture tell us story.
Take the shine of life in Cultures, Peoples, Animals.
Beauty of those in-between moments,
I do my very best to take every shoot with that in mind.

Through my some works, interests of the organization, regulations as law, a lot of Inconvenient prevent of growth.
We have to liven up about Japan because we need to prepare the Olympic in Tokyo 2020.
In 2014 autumn, I built “STORY Photography JAPAN” project.
I thought even if eliminates the difficult organization, I want to tell you about Japan through photography.
Too small stories of Japan can not feel only tourism.
I need to tell you using photography.

We have a unique culture & historical fascination.
I want to tell something through my photograph.
Please feel something.


Work as a Social Innovation Business in the European company.
Responsible for some kind of innovation, agriculture, urban development, manufacturing of IoT.
Moreover I have deeply involved in racing, TV commercials & ebooks with racing team.
Few years ago, emotional peoples opened there mind by the photograph of the professional photographer who accompanied with me.
He gave a chance of meet the photograph.
When I realized it, I was thinking only of the photograph, there was a camera by my side.

Introduce JAPAN for GLOBAL

Director / Contribution Photograph

2014 autumn, their journey began thus.
STORY Photography JAPAN is free photography eBooks Project.
The purpose is introduce about Japan by seasons.
We has unique culture & history.
Finish to this project 2016.