10, April, 2016

Nature has full breath of god.
God in the wind, fire, water, soil.
I know crimson goddess dwell in an old cherry blossom…

Sakura, the icon of spring in Japan.
Because we can admire their beauty only for a short period of time.
Tradition says “Buried corpse under the beautiful cherry blossoms, Don’t cut it”.

Goddess dwells in bewitching cherry, She appear only in full bloom.
It’s not difficult to meet her.
If only listen carefully our mind, we can understood nature soul.
Earth whisper, Wind of voice, Emotions of water, Everything has soul.
Useless human words, Need to adjust our mind to the natures.
Joy, Sorrow, Anger… We can know it.

Crimson goddess will told you.
This world is made up by those of the two conflicting
Birth & Death… Destruction & creation…Heaven & earth
Fire & water…Light & darkness…Man & a woman…Visible & invisible
It looks like the conflict, the fact of two things are connected bipolar.
Our life in between the birth & death.
Our presence in between the creation & destruction.
We have a meaning in life & presence.
Fire is empty by water, also water is empty by fire.
Light becomes darkness with light.
Darkness becomes light with darkness.”

“Human cann’t understand important things.
Not to cherish even own lives & natural.
We have nothing to built by own.
Who made our body?
We only dwells in this body.
God be with all of living thing.
So we need to know that it has been kept alive by the God.

People & nature born from same thing, We have the same soul.
Why fighting each other?
Why broke each other?

Why not hear the voice of the earth.
Only human will causes disasters.
The bad thoughts, such as hate hatred fear of people becomes a force of “shadow”.
Happen to terrible environment

Why not understand?”

Crimson Goddess ask in the day-to-day of pale cherry.
Story of the spring moments

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