15, June, 2016

Developing new ideas based on learning from the past.
The Japanese modern are based on an ancient traditional style.
Harmonization of Japanese traditions with western practicality in our life.

Kanazawa is known for its traditional city.
Around the middle of the 16th century, Maeda Toshiie, the top retainer of Hideyoshi Toyotomi who reigned over the whole country, entered the Kanazawa Castle.
The Maeda family governed Kaga (presently Ishikawa prefecture include Kanazawa) for 300 years over the 14th generation henceforth.
During this period, the Maeda family was treated as the second greatest powerful feudal ruler next to Tokugawa the central government.

The family’s financial power was invested in the promotion of culture and learning.
This led to the development of a number of traditional high cultures and activities including handicrafts, subtle and profound activities, and gastronomic cultures.
These cultures and activities have been handed down to this date.

Some cultures remains in city even today.
High-quality & stylish traditional arts and crafts are still.
Such as Kanazawa gold leaf art, Kanazawa lacquerware, Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing, and Kutaniyaki ceramics were developed to create the wares and tools necessary for tea ceremony and Noh drama.

Also modern areas in Kanazawa were mixed with half in Japanese style & half in Western style.
A lot of modern architecture building are in center of Kanazawa.
We can see harmonization of Japanese traditions with western practicality in everywhere.

The Japanese modern are based on an ancient traditional style.

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