Filming Location by Adachi Park of living Things
Authorization by Adachi Ward office

18, May, 2015
Contents of STORY Photography JAPAN Vol.3:2015 Spring

For your Metamorphose
Everything changes in spring,
New life, new destiny will be started…

What do you feel when you’re imagining about spring?
Some people have image “new beginning in change of flowers & lives”.
It might be excited about the change, Also they might have some fears.
So, I wanted to message “Don’t be afraid your new changes” in spring.
Some strange coincidences happen while your life. It will decide to your story on whether you take.
When I try to express “Concept Metamorphose”, I thought I would take a emergence of butterflies by dissolving all the body to get the beautiful wings.
Shooting was made possible by Adachi Park of living Things, Adachi Ward office.

Setting as not to damage, not to affect.
After the few minutes,
The Pupa of waiting for the shooting in low-temperature storage was awake.

You’ll never get over, but you’ll get through.
We can’t reborn, but we can change.
Do Not Limit ourself, We must not be afraid of change.
Brand New our story will begin.
Life must go on repeated the Metamorphose.

Started 15 minutes short drama.
Changes in desperate to as fly over the long larvae time.
Its the dangerous moment in life until time to dry wings .
But life does not stop the evolution.

Take my breath away,
Pure, instinct, Continue to metamorphose.
The new wing show me a beautiful shine.

Adachi Park of living Things

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