My feelings for You

Model by M+

Legend of Mermaid

25-26, August, 2015
Contents of STORY Photography JAPAN Vol.4:2015 Summer

End of the season, I’ll tell you my feeling.

Words might be the most easy-to-understand tools convey the emotion.
It can be straight convey the feelings, Also words become weapons, it is possible to deceive or hurt.
So I am looking for more than words to convey my real feelings.

What is more than words?
I feel one kiss can convey to love than thousand of “I love you”.
Take a picture, tell something are same action for me.
I wonder how my feeling reaches only the words?
More than words is I found the way to tell you my feeling.

I tried read again the mermaid story.
Mermaid given her leg in exchange for voice.
She wanted to stay by prince side, Even as she lost something.
We got the “words” in exchange for “something lost”.
I don’t understand lost something yet.

The mermaid could return to the sea, if she kill the prince by dagger.
Do you guess the her feeling?
She hoped prince’s happiness…. and she became the foams.
I can understand feelings a little bit.

If I can possible it, I don’t regret return to the sea.
Feelings for you are overflowing become a foam.
My feeling can’t convey only the words.
I’ll tell you my feeling in exchange for all of me.

I find the more than words.


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